Helping Manufacturers

Our mission is single-focused: We help factories and manufacturers enter and grow their sales in the US. online retail market. Not only do we have the connections to get your brand noticed by the top e-commerce sites in the US, but we also have the marketing expertise to ensure that your products sell once they are onboarded. Our real superpower is our deep understanding of the American consumer’s online shopping habits and purchasing sensibilities. Pairing our intimate knowledge of the US consumer with our retail partnerships, we specialize in readying any brand for retail success in the United States and Canada.

For factories seeking entry or for those already selling in the US and Canada, one truth remains consistent for all market participants: Branding is extremely important if you seek sustainable long-term sales growth in the US marketplace. Without a deep understanding of your brand’s value proposition and how to consistently communicate this proposition to your customers, your brand’s success will be tied almost solely to price. Competing solely on price is a losing strategy that turns a brand into a commodity. We help brands avoid becoming a distributor of commodities by instead focusing on brand-building efforts that give manufacturers differentiation and pricing-power over their competitors.

For brands and factories where English is their second language, branding in the United States has additional challenges thanks impart to language barriers, but also cultural barriers. As with any country you are doing business in, there are unique terms, expressions, historical references, media influences, and societal frameworks that need to be understood to ensure your brand’s messaging is coming across as you intended. Simply said, there is a lot of cultural nuance brands must thoughtfully navigate if they intend to inspire their target audience to buy their products.

The US retail marketplace is extremely competitive. Manufacturer Direct helps level the playing field for all its factory partners by tailoring brand messaging so that it resonates with American and Canadian audiences. At the end of the day, if a brand wants to be the best, then its customer-facing communication must be the best. We are experts in creating product descriptions, instruction manuals, press releases, buyer communications, product imagery, graphic design works, video productions, and various other marketing pursuits. We can help you elevate your brand’s communication strategy.

If you are a factory or manufacturer that would like to know more about how Manufacturer Direct can leverage its expertise to grow your online business, please give us a call or reach out via our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you to see if Our Services can be tailored to help support your unique business’ needs and online retail ambitions.