The Importance of Online Sales

Location, Location, Location. One of the most basic rules in business is to market and sell your products where your customers shop or frequently spend their time. In today’s digital world, an ever-increasing amount of consumers are spending their time online. A March 2018 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 89% of all American adults use the internet, with the average adult spending nearly 6 hours a day online. For the first time ever, American’s are spending more time online than they are watching TV.

These are astonishing figures, and they have translated into big bucks for the manufacturers and online retailers who have worked in tandem to market and sell products to these online users. In 2000, online sales totaled just 27 billion dollars in the US. In 2019, online sales are expected to exceed 561 billion dollars, making up nearly 10% off all US retail purchases. Despite uncertainty regarding the current economic climate, consumers continue to shift more and more of their spending dollars from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce.

The ease and convenience of using the internet has people around the world more connected than ever to their favorite brands and stores. For those who live in rural areas, where the nearest mall or big box retailer is not conveniently accessible, the internet has transformed the lives of these customers and has allowed manufacturers to gain access to a market that before the internet was starving for variety and availability. Same can be said for contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners, who have fled to the internet in search of more variety, better prices, and free onsite delivery.

Despite the benefits online retailing brings to bolster a brands reputation and sales volumes, there are still manufacturers out there that see web-based distribution as an afterthought, or worse, approach it with a sense of trepidation. Their hesitancy is not irrational, as it is often a lack of understanding of the ins-and-outs of e-commerce that has these manufacturers sitting on the sidelines. At Manufacturer Direct, it is our goal to help manufacturers realize their sales potential in the online retail channel.

If you are a manufacturer that would like to know more about how e-commerce works or if you are a manufacturer that wants to grow your online business, give Manufacturer Direct a call today. Our robust online operation was built around sales strategies that work and cater specifically to the needs of the online shopper. Let us put these strategies to work for you. Learn more about how we can make the online channel work for your company here.